Asbury Park Comic Con Spotlight: Steve Mannion

Looking at Steven Mannion’s work may invoke memories of Wallace Wood, Will Eisner, Berni Wrightson, and many other greats of a bygone era. You can almost smell the pulp just looking at his work over the Internet. 

We’re excited to have Steve Mannion join us at Asbury Park Comic Con.  His current book for Asylum Press is Fearless Dawn, the Nazi fighting retro action/adventure with just the right amounts of cheesecake and humor.

Let’s Pull This Lever To See What Happens…

Asbury Lanes
The creators of comics have a new tree fort and it’s called The Asbury Lanes, which will host the first ever Asbury Park Comic Con.

This show may be the smallest con ever, with just 36 tables but with a great venue and located just one block from the boardwalk it promises to be a unique event.
Asbury Park is not only a great beach town and bar town, but a great art town. Shepard Fairey tagged large swatches of Asbury Park with his iconic images. This one was snapped just outside of the Asbury Lanes were Asbury Park Comic Con will be held.